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Wendy Talsma

My role as the Treasurer is to manage the finances of the Association and provide regular reports to the Executive (at least quarterly). The person needs to have a reasonable understanding of financial control and reporting systems. The number of financial transactions of the Association each year is not large. However resources also are not large and spending for Association purposes needs to be monitored to ensure that there are no significant over expenditure items compared to the budget, which is approved by the AGM of the Association. Also the contributions received from the churches need to be monitored to ensure that the voluntary contributions at least approximate the amounts that have been estimated by comparison of membership numbers and reported levels of giving of the constituent churches.

The capture of financial data at present is undertaken by Joy Sugar. She supplies copies of the ledger as required to the Treasurer, from which the reports to the Executive are compiled. She also is the person who writes the cheques, which she then, currently, sends to an office in Hamilton where 2 trustees sign them. Normally there is only one batch of cheques signed each month as it is not practical to have cheques signed more frequently in view of the small number. At present John Irvine and I are the main signatories. Invoices for payments, including claims from Association officers are sent through me to Joy Sugar. Part of the Treasurer role is to approve these requests for payment before getting Joy to write the cheques.

Part of the regular duties of the Treasurer is to monitor funds in the bank accounts and as necessary move funds between the Westpac Bank cheque account and the Baptist Savings on-call account to maximise interest earned. Also to liaise with Baptist Savings concerning term deposits as they reach maturity.

The position is a voluntary position with an honorarium of $100.00 per annum. The Treasurer reports to the Executive at their regular meetings and annually supplies the audited Annual Financial Statements to the Association AGM. The preparation of the annual financial statements at present is a joint effort between Joy Sugar and myself, with our Auditor, Mark Campbell, adding the polish prior to publication.

The Treasurer is also required to produce a draft budget each year, this being considered by the Executive before the AGM. This results in a recommended budget being placed before the AGM for approval.