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Hi, my name is Mike Walker and I’m currently the Regional Mission Leader (RML) as well as the Senior Pastor at Whitianga Baptist

The role of the RML is to encourage and facilitate a cutting edge for prophetic missional thinking. Accountable to the Regional Association Executive and AGM and the Baptist National Leader the RML must think nationally but act regionally.

Primary responsibilities are …

Encourage our churches in the work of mission to New Zealand and beyond.

To encourage a missional focus in our Waikato churches through:
Coaching Pastors in the Association and empowering the person not just the role.
Resourcing and encouraging best practice
Resourcing and empowering church plant initiatives in viable areas.

Encourage and support our pastors and helping ensure they thrive in the pastoral and church context through seeing networks providing resourcing, accountability relating and  encouraging, ensuring and providing regular opportunities for this to happen.
i.e. Pastors Clusters, Conferences (Budget for combined clusters, guest speakers, special events)

Ensuring the Association has appropriate resources to deal with:
Issues of conflict i.e. a team that responds to such issues (Budget to assist this team)
Pastoral calls i.e a pastoral placement person

The RML would meet regularly with the National Leader and other RML’s from other Associations
Build unity through prayer and support for our Baptist family.